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File general control center is a file manager with proven two-file window technology that in addition can be switched to an individual file window. Apart from the conventional functions such as copying, moving and deletion of files and folders various auxiliary functions are made available. These functions are for renaming, displaying of characteristics, changing of attributes and sorting of files. Other functions provides the possiblity to search drive assembly-spreading for duplicate files and to depict a folder and drive fill level chart. A picture preview, a multimediaplayer, an id3 tag-editor and a jpeg-tester is integrated as well.

Price to register: 19,95 Euro (It is also possible to pay with US$ and other currencies)

Supported Operating Systems: WinXP, Vista

Size of the download file: 2162 kB

Limitations of the shareware version:

  • per renaming process only 10 files / folders in a slide can be renamed
  • per attribute changing procedure it is only possible to change the attributes of 10 files /  folders.
  • per sort procedure only 20 files can be sorted
  • only 5 MP3-AlbumTags can be transferred at one time
  • folder structures can only be stored with the filename OrdStruk.ord
  • per running through it is just possible to check 250 *.jpg/*.jpeg files for defects
  • per running through it is just possible to remove unnecessary information from 100 *.jpg/*.jpeg files



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