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The program is able to find invalid jpegs, to remove unnecessary information out of the files and to find duplicate jpeg-files.

The program IT JPEG-Tester is a tool to find invalid jpeg-files. The found files are listed in a box so that you can check if you really want to delete theese files. The program is also able to remove unnecessary data like comments, data inserted from graphic programs or servers from the jpeg-files. A duplicate finder for jpeg-files is integrated. With the shareware version it is only possible to test 50 files at once.

Price to register: 15,- Euro (It is also possible to pay with US$ and other currencies)

Supported Operating Systems: Win9x, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP

Size of the download file: 609 kB

Limitations of the shareware version:

It is only possible to reduce 100 files at once and to test 250 files at once.